About Us

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Future Stars Global Foundation is partnered with Future Stars International Enterprises (FSIE).

At FSGF, the goal is to make a difference in our community one child at a time. FSGF provides a platform for children to find guidance and direction through academics, sports and activity. The programs offered benefit all children including, but not limited to, underprivileged, children with disabilities and elite level athletes.

FSGF, will firmly entrench itself in communities within which our youth community programs exist and establish relationships with businesses and municipalities to partner in pursuit of receiving grants, sponsorships and donations to help us achieve our goals. We will also hold a myriad of fundraising events and galas to engage local philanthropists in support of FSGF.

Our goals for FSGF are simple. We want every child with the desire to get involved, but who lacks the appropriate resources, to be able to participate in youth sports programs. We want to help create solutions to prevent and dispel any discrimination, whether a result of socio-economic conditions or any sort of disability and eliminate bullying in our communities. In addition we want to become a pilar of our community as pertains to the development our youth and the well being of our families.

Peter Ezugwu
President and Chairman
Peter’s vision, sense of community and extensive history in sports, has enabled him to create a company whose function is to offer his community products and service that enhance life experiences. Having been afforded a great education at a young age, Peter is focused on giving our youth a chance to be a success. His early education in Europe and Cincinnati, Ohio created a great foundation for his focus, hard work, integrity and kindness. He played professional basketball in Europe for 13 years and enjoyed a wonderful career that took him around the world. His focus and passion, has settled on the development of his community, sharing his knowledge and sharing products and people that inevitably can/will make a difference.

Stacy Santelli
Co-Founder and Treasurer
Stacy has always been a leader in our community, her passion to make a difference is selfless and relentless. Her roles as a mother, wife, entrepreneur, Life Coach, business leader and community advocate define her as a person.She is dedicated to insuring that our programs are a success as we offer a thorough, comprehensive and enjoyable experience for all our families. At FSGF, Stacy is spearheading our Leadership and Mentorship programs, our Anti- Bullying campaign and our youth sports programs. She is also responsible for the logistical operations,as a portfolio manager she manages and oversees the behind the scenes creation of our events and programs.

Aric DeAguero
Director of Operations
Aric is originally from New Mexico and was exposed to hard working parents who helped to mold his ethics, morals and eventual life path. He has been in the Phoenix area since 2007 and has spent a lot of his time volunteering and giving to charitable causes in the Valley and in New Mexico. Aric has several years of experience in managerial roles leading operations for various firms. This leadership experience has nurtured and culturvated the already existing passion and desire to help others as a mentor. His passion is to enrich the community where he resides and to help others succeed, which is part of his DNA. Aric’s commitment will be displayed through FSGF, where future generations will benefit from our expansive, creative and impactful programs. Aric is thorough, meticulous, and a steward for company accountability, he is charged with the important responsibility of managing, creating and insuring the highest standards at Future Stars.